TMTA Annual Conference 2019

The presenter for the 2019 Annual Conference is Mark Gibson MMus, BMus(Dist), GradDipMus, GradDipFET, FTCL, LTCL, AMusA.

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Mark will present three sessions:

Rhythm, Pulse of the World

The temporal aspect of music is fundamental to all styles, yet it often presents significant challenges to teachers and students. Counting may keep one in time, but a natural, innate sense of time and space comes from feeling the beat, moving to the rhythm and becoming part of the groove. This session will explore the internalisation of key rhythmic structures through engaging musically and regularly with familiar patterns. This engagement is of most benefit when it involves learning through multiple intelligences.

Creative Outcomes versus Creative Thinking

As teachers, we may choose to stay within defined boundaries or dare to extend both ourselves and our students by exploring new frontiers. It is like working with a score that has limited detail. The challenge is to move beyond the page and consider all the musical options and creative extensions. Spontaneous moments of musical creativity will occur if the teaching process is sufficiently creative. This session will reveal how we can be more assured of creative outcomes for our students when we think beyond the page, and challenge ourselves to be more creative in our teaching

Beginners to Advanced: Connecting the Dots

Teachers require genuine expertise across a wide range of skills to effectively teach even the most elementary levels. There is, however, a tendency for teachers to view themselves as being more suited to working with either beginner/intermediate students or in mentoring students from intermediate to advanced levels. But there are fundamentals that should be applied to all levels of teaching and learning. Therefore, we need to connect the dots across the entire learning spectrum. Whether you are teaching beginner or advanced students, the fundamentals should always be the same. This session will identify those fundamentals and apply them across all levels.