TMTA Annual Conference 2016 Preview

Three fantastic presenters feature in this year’s Conference.

25204c0DR JULIE RIMES will present the 2016 Jan Sedivka Memorial Lecture, entitled “Silencing the Siren’s Song: Why Music Must Count in the Edu-business that is Learning Today”. As school systems are lured by the “Siren’s Song” of better performance in the global education race, what can we, who value and cherish the principles of liberal education, do to redress the balance?





PETER HURLEY will guide teachers and students towards assured and stylish performances of the popular and jazz styles in the AMEB Piano for Leisure syllabus. These are two very practical sessions with time allotted for Q and A on any other aspects of the syllabus.





SHAN DENG, Lecturer in Piano and Co-ordinator of Keyboard at UTAS, concert artist, teacher and adjudicator, will present a piano masterclass. A fabulous opportunity to learn more about piano technique and performance.

Click the following link to download your copy of the conference schedule and registration form: TMTA Conference 2016.