TMTA Annual Conference 2015 Update

Frances UnderwoodOur Patron, Mrs Frances Underwood, will present the 2015 Jan Sedivka Memorial Lecture entitiled, “A Question of Musical Genius”.  She will will explore the genius of Verna Tozer, through her teaching of her son, Geoffrey up to the age of ten when he became a pupil of Eileen Ralph. Pamela Freeman, music curator of the Geoffrey Tozer Estate, will explore the genius of Geoffrey Tozer, particularly his compositional legacy in Pieces from Childhood, written between the ages of seven and fourteen. Lachlan Redd, a student of the late Geoffrey Tozer, will perform, for the first time in Tasmania a selection of the works. Manuscripts and recordings will be available for purchase. For more information please click this link Jan Sedivka Memorial Lecture 2015.