Southern Branch Piano Competitions 2014

Competitions were held at the Friends’ School, Hodgkin Hall with highly experienced adjudicator, Jane Edwards, who commented on the high standard of performances. Results are as follows:

Junior Pianoforte Shield (Grade 2 or lower) in memory of Mollie Retjoe

First prize:  Mark Elkerton, student of Greta Lanchbery.  Equal Second Prize:  Jack Connell, student of Shan Deng and Maisie Pfundt, student of Gaye Headlam

Intermediate Brenda Hean Piano Competition (now incorporating the Madame Helen George Award, Grade 3-5)

First prize:  Amelia Millington, student of Karen Clark. (Also winner of the TMTA Award for the Most Promising Performer). Equal Second Prize: William Kuplis, student of Greta Lanchbery and Daniel Glover, student of Victoria Burley

Senior Brenda Hean Piano Competition (now incorporating the Ann McGarry Award, Grade 6-8)

First prize:  Shen-Yuan, student of Shan Deng.  (Also winner of the McCann’s Music Award). Equal Second Prize: Selina Yang, student of Greta Lanchbery and Olivia Eade, student of Annette Stilwell

Graeme Buchanan Award (Diploma Level)

First prize:  James He, student of Annette Stilwell.